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Bulk Liquid Logistics – New Chemical Shipment Regulations – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
December 1, 2015

Effective December 1, 2015, all chemical imports into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (SAJED) will be subject to new shipment regulations. It will become mandatory for the consignee to arrange prior approval from the port authorities to ensure cargo discharge in Jeddah. The process for obtaining approval is as follows:

  • Consignee/importer to submit the approval form to Jeddah port customs for verification of import approvals and obtain no objection endorsement to discharge the cargo in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Consignee/importer to submit verified form to the shipping agent.
  • Shipping agent to complete the form by inserting Bill of Lading number, port of loading, vessel name and voyage, date of arrival and submit the form along with the Hazardous cargo manifest to Jeddah port authority before
  • Any chemicals shipment without prior permit will be retained on board the vessel and UASC will not be in position to discharge any containers which have no prior permit after the implementation date.
  • Shippers will be required to confirm in writing to the UASC booking office that their consignee has received clearance from Jeddah customs to import the commodities being booked, as well as submit a copy of the clearance certificate (prior booking being confirmed). The origin office will in turn verify that the clearance is in order prior
  • Notwithstanding the above, if for any reason authorities in Jeddah refuse permission to discharge containers (including for boxes already en-route to Jeddah), UASC will attempt to return containers to the origin and if  operationally not feasible to do so, will hold them at other locations until customs paper-work is completed. All operational costs and charges (including additional ocean freight) plus administration fees of $250/box, until the container is eventually delivered, will be debited to the consignee, with recourse against the shipper for any unpaid
  • If the containers cannot be discharged in Jeddah for an extended period, we reserve the right to invoke all terms and conditions in the Bill of Lading, including but not limited to the right to declare delivery of the containers at any place or port which UASC may deem safe and convenient, and hold the shipper responsible for all costs and consequences.