Exceptional People

Our team is customer-centric, resourceful, and collaborative. We're agile, quick to spot opportunity, and we make every attempt to provide the best possible customer experience we can. It's what sets us apart from the rest! Our people are responsive, innovative, helpful, and work well together internally and externally to satisfy our customer's unique challenges.

Our Culture

UWL's culture is strongly rooted in the World Group family of companies which have been serving the global shipping industry since 1960.

A successful work culture like UWL's begins with hiring the right people – individuals who share our values – energetic, inquisitive people who are passionate about finding new and better ways to serve our customers, and have fun doing it.

Our team truly believes our mission; they're interested and engaged in their jobs and they share in our mission to succeed. The end result? Inspired, productive employees who enjoy their work, who are recognized and valued for their contributions.


To promote a sense of community (and to have some fun) team members frequently participate in company-sponsored events, including volleyball, kickball and basketball teams, community athletic challenge events, after-work social hours, philanthropic causes, and various family-minded events throughout the year.

5 Reasons UWL is a Great Place to Work

    • Balance. Our culture results in a healthy work/life balance. This gives you time to unwind with family and friends.
    • Benefits. Employer matched retirement program, opportunity for professional development, health & wellness, market driven compensation.
    • Purpose. We are tangibly solving customer challenges, and making their lives easier every day - we see the fruit of our labor!
    • Support. Collaborative environment where everyone works together as a united team, along with empowered decision making.
    • Growth. Our employees are our investment. We strive to give every employee the opportunity to unleash his or her full potential.

Career Opportunities

During the past eight years, UWL has experienced tremendous growth, including a 70% increase in new career opportunities. As we continue to grow, we seek employees who are aligned with our vision:

UWL Vision:
We are completely focused on becoming the preferred choice for our customers' global logistics needs.