Port of Cochin
India GST implementation for inland services
August 29, 2017

The Indian Government is in the process of streamlining several indirect taxes into a single Goods and Service Tax (GST). As a result, inland haulage charges rendered within India are subject to GST of 18 percent, subject to change per Indian regulations. The GST, which is replacing the former service tax of 15 percent, applies to all customers shipping to/from India that are located outside of India. Ocean carriers and freight forwarders are in the process of phasing in this tax.

UWL will follow this matter closely and issue follow-up advisories if there are changes to the GST rate or collection process. We thank you for your business and continued support. If you have any questions related to this announcement or need assistance with transportation, logistics, supply chain management or sourcing, please contact a UWL expert today at 440-356-5353 or connect with an expert.

Below is a list of local charges subject to the GST:




  • Inland Haulage Export
  • Export Intermodal Fuel Surcharge
  • Merchant Haulage Exports
  • Pick Up Charge Exports
  • Free In
  • Port Additional / Port Dues – Export
  • Port Security Charge – Export
  • Handling Charge – Origin
  • Recovery Handling Cost – Export
  • Government & Port Tax Exports


  • Inland Haulage Import
  • Import Intermodal Fuel Surcharge
  • Merchant Haulage Imports
  • Drop Off Charge Imports
  • Imports Landside Haulage
  • Inland Haulage Container Weighing – Destination
  • Free Out
  • Port Additional / Port Dues – Import
  • Port Security Charge – Import
  • Handling Charge – Destination
  • Recovery Handling Cost – Import
  • Government & Port Tax Imports