Market Update: China Braces for Typhoon Chan-hom
July 10, 2015

China Braces for Typhoon Chan-hom

China is bracing for the arrival of a strong storm this weekend after an earlier one fizzled out over land. Typhoon Chan-hom was situated near Japan's Ryuku Islands early Friday, with maximum sustained winds of around 213 kph (132 mph). Authorities in Zhejiang are evacuating people from coastal areas in preparation for the typhoon's arrival, state media reported. The storm is predicted to lose strength over the weekend as it moves toward Shanghai, China's most populous city.

The movement is going to affect Eastern China, Zhenjiang Province and specifically the Gateways for Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing and Hangzhou this weekend. This could cause delays for all modes of transportation. We will continue to monitor the typhoon and provide updates as required to ensure optimal global supply chain visibility.