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Overseas Project Cargo Association

What is OPCA?

Overseas Project Cargo Association was launched in January 2014 to provide a high level of expertise for the transport of XXL cargos and complex project cargo shipments on a global scale through its experienced and qualified member agents. OPCA is a global agent networking platform of the world's best project cargo specialists.

It serves "Project Focused Networking Strategy" which states gathering the project cargo specialists who have glorious background in the project field and who are willing to collaborate with fellow agents based on project cargo shipments and management. Project shipments are the highly specialized form of transport, covering the domestic or international movements of equipment, materials or goods from production to construction site.

These pieces of equipment and materials are critical for the construction, operation and maintenance of various large-scale projects. These large scale project shipments consist many sectors like Oil and Gas, Wind Power, Railways, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Facilities, Power Generation, Mining Operations, Steel Mills and Infrastructure. Highly complex project cargo shipments should be managed safely by highly-skilled and professional global team on time through tailor-made solutions.

OPCA result oriented membership requirements allow member agents to meet Like-Minded project cargo specialists who have proven success story in the industry and speed up the cooperation process in global agent networking. More to the point, OPCA intends to expand by recommendation of current members which makes the association much more productive, beneficial and effective.

The UWL Team of Experienced Project Cargo Specialists

As a member of OPCA, partner with trusted advisors and the world's best project cargo specialists to design effective strategies that simplify your shipping challenges.