Columbus, OH Container Transload Facility (CTF)

Our transload facility is superbly located at the former NS Discovery Park intermodal facility in Columbus, OH, with excellent truck access from Interstates 70, 71 and 270. The 35-acre facility provides both bulk transloading capabilities from both bulk hopper trucks and covered rail hopper cars in quantities from single cars to unit trains. CTF operates a private gate for trucks arriving for transload, provides on-site USDA/FGIS inspection services, and operates a private, certified truck scale at the facility – all of which serve to maximize efficiency and minimize truck turn time. Commodities transloaded on-site include agricultural products, steel, heavy equipment, manufactured goods, and raw materials. Additional benefits of UWL's transload facility:

  • Access to all major ocean carriers' equipment
  • 48-hour direct rail service (NS) to Norfolk's NIT and APMT terminals
  • Routing to USWC available
  • State-of-the-art, high speed covered conveyor system
  • Capacity TJ7000 yard spotters (95,000 CVW)
  • Maximum weight loading opportunities (up to 58,000 lbs. per 40-ft. container); no overweight permit needed when moving directly from CTF via rail
  • On-site private intermodal rail operation served by Norfolk Southern
  • Conventional railcar services provided by NS direct or by interchange with CSX
  • Able to operate in virtually all weather
  • 52,000 lb. and 30,000 lb. capacity forklifts
  • Taylor 974 loaded container lift (90,000 lb. capacity)
  • 24/7 video surveillance, fully fenced, lighted
  • International and domestic warehousing, distribution and transportation services
  • Domestic truck brokerage
  • LTL and FTL
  • Private intermodal rail services
  • High speed crossdocking
  • Bulk transloading
  • Heavy lift and out-of-gauge services
  • Inventory control and global supply chain visibility
  • Value-added services, including labeling, wrapping, reworking, picking/packing, sub-assembly, packaging, palletizing, physical inventory, repackaging, and kitting
Warehouse Information
  • 35 acre concrete private intermodal terminal
  • Secure, fully fenced and lighted with 24/7 video surveillance
  • Owner Operator fleet to support operation
  • 48 hour service to on dock Port of Virginia
  • Products handled steel, heavy equipment, manufactured goods, raw materials, etc…
  • Maximum cargo weight loading opportunities (up to 58,000# per 40' container); no overweight permits needed with NS direct
  • service
  • Over 7000 feet of track space
  • 24 hour direct rail service (Norfolk Southern)
  • Centrally Located to Route 71 / Route 270 / Route 70
  • On-site USDA / FGIS inspection provided
  • Adjacent to CPG's 65 acre Creekway CY operation (largest in central Ohio)
  • State-of-the-art high speed covered conveyor system for bulk transloading
  • Full Transloading capabilities from both bulk hopper trucks and rail cars
  • Capacity TJ7000 yard spotters
  • Taylor 974 loaded lifts (90,000# capacity)
  • 52,000#, 30,000# and 6,000# forklifts
  • On-site certified truck scale
  • Private Gate to minimize truck turn time, dedicated gate house, office and inspection lanes for transload operation
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Warehousing plays a vital role in the overall supply chain process. Today's warehousing model continues to evolve to stay ahead of the ever-increasingly fast-paced supply chain environment. Cargo owners are looking to gain more than just storage; they need flexibility, cost savings, value-added services, improved inventory control, and most importantly- processes which can improve efficiency and streamline your entire supply chain. UWL's warehouse network provides modern warehouse space and an expansive range of value-added logistics solutions to meet your warehousing and 4PL needs.

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