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High Speed Crossdocking

Crossdocking maximizes our customers' supply chain efficiency by speeding the flow of goods to market. Developments in information systems and software solutions allow for real-time shipment status and up-to-the-minute shipping activity records.

UWL's crossdocking experts focus on:

  • Accountability: We follow SOPs to ensure shipment accuracy and timeliness.
  • Verification: Meticulous record-keeping of shipping activity.
  • Information Flow: Real-time shipment status keeps everyone informed.

With UWL cross-docking solutions, our customers enjoy lower inventory costs, reduced delivery lead times, and improved customer service.

UWL offers transloading services for ocean freight shipments through our partner network of warehouses
7 Benefits of Our High-Speed Cross-Docking Services


  1. Reducing Reliance Upon Warehousing – Warehousing isn’t always ideal for various shipping needs. By using cross-docking, a company can reduce the time needed for their shipments and avoid long-term storage, saving money for other operational costs.
  1. Increasing Shipping Speed – Another benefit of our cross-dock services is being able to get your goods to your customers or to market much faster. This is particularly beneficial for products that are perishable or those that would be categorized as seasonal, as expediency is essential for each.
  1. Lowering Cost of Labor – By removing long-term warehousing from your supply-chain management needs and instead utilizing a cross-docking service, you’ll, in turn, reduce the cost connected to the unloading, storage, retrieval and reloading of a commodity and you’ll be able to do away with costs for storage maintenance labor.
  1. Improving Inventory Management – Utilizing a cross-dock warehouse allows you to reduce the amount of handling your products experience, which in turn can help eliminate the risk of damage to your products. Additionally, overstocking can be reduced by utilizing cross-docking because standing inventory will be less necessary, especially for inventory with less demand.
  1. Increasing Available Space – The reduction of standing inventory means you’ll have more room to devote to whatever area of your business is most in need, whether it's adding additional sales space, training areas, managerial space, or engineering and development areas.
  1. Receiving Real-time Status Updates – One way we stand out from other cross-dock service companies is by providing our clients with real-time shipment statuses and activity records. This not only emphasizes our accountability, but increases your peace of mind.
  1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction – With faster shipping available to customers through the use of cross-docking, and lower logistics costs from less handling and storage that comes along with the process, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a more satisfying experience helping to ensure that they’ll come back to you again and again.


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*Notes: UWL does not handle shipments of personal effects for private individuals.
As a C-TPAT certified company, UWL is prohibited from doing business with truck brokers per C-TPAT regulations.

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