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General Terms and Conditions


Rates subject to unforeseen circumstances which influence the level and structure of rates, costs and services.

We keep the right to amend our proposal in case such unforeseen circumstances will occur.

Terms of payment: Within 14 days after date of invoice.

Transportinsurance is not included , but can be provided by UWL Europe BV on request.

The rates quoted are excluding import duties, V.A.T. Import duties and V.A.T. have to be payed in advance.

Advance payment fee is 1% of total invoice amount.

Rates are excluding custominspections, customscans, local custom clearances / stops of 3rd parties.

Surcharges are always subject to fluctuation and change of 3rd parties, we remain the right to adjust at all times.

Local handling charges can fluctuate per carrier / liner.

Rates are only valid for shipment via carrier of our choice, handling charges only valid if ocean freight is under control of UWL Europe BV and subject to space and equipement availability as well as carriers approval.

IMO cargo on request only and subject to acceptance by the shipping line.

All packing material made of wood needs to be treated and marked according to the guidelines of ISPM 15.

This is also applicable for used loose wood. These guidelines and countries where this is applicable can be found on the website of the International Plant Protection Convention or

Direct trucking / Rail transportation rates are included 2 hours waiting / unloading time hereafter EUR 55,00 per extra hour.

For collecting and discharging a FCL container on the terminal, we take into account 1 hour hereafter EUR 55,00 per extra hour.

For collecting and discharging an empty container on the terminal, we take into account 0,5 hour hereafter EUR 55,00 per extra hour.

For inspection of the container, we take into account 2 hours hereafter EUR 55,00 per extra hour.

Mandatory gas tests / inspections to be charged at cost + 10% management fee. Mandatory container / cargo scans as per outlay.

Any expenses related to demurrage / detention or as a result of further inspection and / or disapprobation of the goods will be charged as per outlay.

Applicable Conditions

All transactions are subject to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, including arbitration clause, in the latest version deposited by FENEX at the Registry of the District Court at Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam.

The general conditions are available for inspection at all time and can be consulted via which will be sent to you upon request. In the situation where UWL Europe BV is acting as a carrier, transporting goods by road/sea/air/rail the transport is subject to the (mandatory law) rules and conditions to which the relevant transport document (sea-/air-waybill, B/L, bill of lading etc.) refers. UWL Europe BV is not bound by any deviation from these conditions, unless such a deviation has been agreed in writing, approved and signed by an authorized UWL Europe BV representative.

Limited liability

UWL Europe BV acts as a freight forwarder only. All our activities are freight forwarding activities.

It is very important to emphasize that the responsibility for the transportation and shipping is limited. The consequence of the limited liability is that, although the shipper/carrier may be liable for a claim, this liability often does not cover the shipment value. We strongly recommend to insure the goods for transport risks in order to obtain full cover of the actual value of the goods being transported. As a service to our customers, UWL Europe BV can arrange cargo insurance.

Consequential loss

UWL Europe BV is only liable for physical damage to or loss of goods in its charge and therefore not for consequential loss.

This is regardless of whether or not UWL Europe BV was aware that such damage could occur.

UWL Europe BV defines consequential loss as; loss of revenue, profits, interest, usefulness, loss of market or goodwill, creation of additional costs, etcetera.


Every claim (demand for compensation) should be submitted in writing by the consignor and sent to UWL Europe BV within 30 days after the day of delivery of the shipment or the day that the shipment would be delivered. Any this period, every claim against UWL Europe BV will be expired.

Notwithstanding the above, a claim for compensation because of loss or damages will not be processed, until all freight costs have been paid. The amount of the claim cannot be deducted from any freight costs or other costs due to UWL Europe BV.


UWL Europe BV reserves the right to cease the transportation of a shipment after acceptance at any time when such a shipment could possibly cause damage or delay other shipments, equipment or personnel, or where service or parts thereof are prohibited by any law or regulation. This including but not limited to American law, the law of the European Union or national regulations. And including but not limited to the laws and regulations relating to the fight against terrorism and embargoes. If this is the case, UWL Europe BV is entitled - at its own discretion and at any time - to cancel the service partly or entirely, without notice and without incurring any liability to the customer whatsoever. Any costs that may arise, will be charged to the principal.

Mandatory law

All conditions agreed between parties shall be governed by Dutch law. If any provision of these terms, a provision that is referred to or a provision of Dutch law, is in violation with a provision stated in the Convention or with other treaties, applicable laws, government regulations, orders or requirements, which by agreement between parties cannot be deviated from, the provision will be declared invalid. The invalidity of any provision, shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

All legal relations to which these conditions apply shall be exclusively governed by Dutch law.

Disputes shall be exclusively submitted to the court in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Volume ratio

For consolidated ocean freight shipments 1 cbm = 1000 kg.

For consolidated transport / road shipments 1 cbm = 333 kg.

For consolidated transport / road shipments 1 ldm = 1850 kg.

For consolidated air freight shipments 1 cbm = 167 kg.