Space Crunch for Export Cargo Bookings out of Brazil Continues Updated August 21st, 2018 Space is expected to remain tight until October for shippers exporting cargo out of Brazil Shippers exporting cargo out of Brazil can expect a capacity crunch in coming months.  Without space, Brasilian export cargo booking cancellations have continued through August.  Ocean carriers estimate capacity won’t […]

Shipment Delays Expected as Truck Drivers Strike in Protest of Rising Fuel Prices in Brazil Blockades have shut down roads across 23 states, impacting transportation, port operations, and exports of grain, animal protein, and automotive parts. UPDATE 4 June 2018 – Brazilian Truck Driver Strike Ends but Shipment Delays Expected Delays expected to persist for […]

New MAPA Regulation Explained Effective February 1st, 2016, the Brazil Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) has imposed a new regulation that will require all cargo to and from Brazil to disclose information about wooden packaging material on the ocean bill of lading. This regulation was created to help reduce the risk of pest introduction and spreading into the […]