Clarifying the Difference Between Demurrage, Detention, and Per Diem Fees Demurrage and detention fees don’t have to be a mystery… Get ahead of them with our terminology guide and tips below! The terms demurrage, detention and per diem are often used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? Surprisingly, they aren’t. To make matters even […]

According JOC: U.S. exporters finally achieved the carrier uniformity they were seeking on the SOLAS container weighing requirement when 19 major container lines serving the U.S. gave their support for the use of on-­terminal scales to comply with the international rule that takes effect on July 1. The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association, which represents […]

According JOC: The associations representing marine terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach and Oakland set the stage Thursday for facilities to potentially offer container weighing services to help exporters meet the Safety of Life at Sea rule taking effect July 1. The West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Association and Oakland Marine Terminal Operators Association said […]

According to The Wall Street Journal: The top global shipping regulator, trying to quiet industry alarms over impending rules that exporters fear will trigger widespread backups at ports, is recommending a three-month grace period for enforcing the ship-safety rule. The International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee said in a statement Monday that government agencies should postpone […]

According to Cargo Business News: With just 50 days until SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) comes into force, APM Terminals has announced it will provide container weighing services at 29 of its global terminals. Under international law effective July, 1, 2016, shippers are required to provide a VGM for every container before it can be […]

According to Cargo Business News: Last week the U.S. Coast Guard announced its approval for U.S. ports to verify the weight of containers on behalf of the shipper to comply with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations that are effective July 1, and the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) has said it will […]

According to Cargo Business News: All major North American railroads pushed through rate increases earlier this year even as freight fell the most since 2009. Limited competition and favorable regulations provide pricing power – the envy of truckers and maritime shippers – that’s helped them reverse a share slide despite tumbling oil, coal and intermodal […]

According to Cargo Business News: The Coast Guard has decided that existing U.S. laws and regulations for providing verified container weights are equivalent to the requirements in SOLAS Regulation VI/2. The USCG sent a letter to the International Maritime Organization outlining its decision that its current regulatory regime provides for other entities within the container […]

According to JOC: The move paves an easier path for exporters, particularly agriculture shippers, but it’s not yet certain how container terminals and carriers will respond individually. The announcement from the Coast Guard, the U.S. agency tasked with implementing the Safety of Life at Sea amendment, comes just 62 days before the rule takes effect […]

According to JOC: Less than 100 days before the container weight rule takes effect, a fight is brewing over whether terminal operators in Brazil should charge for inputting verified gross mass declarations as part of the new SOLAS container weight rule. The disagreement pits terminal operators against container lines and even the Brazilian maritime regulatory agency. […]