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Retail and Wholesale Shipping & Supply Chain Management

If you’re an established online merchant or a small and medium-sized business looking for tailored solutions that will help your company grow, UWL is the right partner for you. The retail and wholesale global logistics company has partnered with some of America's most trusted brands to provide multifaceted logistics services such as freight transportation.

We can offer direct fulfillment on your eCommerce site as well as import and export options nationwide via our extensive freight transportation carriers e.g. air freight, ocean freight etc. All at competitive rates without compromising quality!

How Can UWL Help Your Company’s Retail And Wholesale Supply Chain Management?

The retail and wholesale distribution process has been crucial in getting goods from manufacturer to consumer. Throughout this global logistics journey, goods may pass through many intermediaries before they reach their final destination, the consumer.

Having efficient freight transportation, including shipping, chartering, cargo insurance, and everything related to international logistics, whether you are a retail company, eCommerce, or wholesaler, can significantly improve your supply game. UWL will help you optimize your distribution strategy all the while being cost-efficient and providing dependable service! UWL can be your ideal partner in all freight transportation services regarding the import and export of goods.

How to Optimize My Company’s Retail And Wholesale Logistics?

If you're not finding the sweet spot in your retail supply chain management strategy, it's time for a change. As retailers and wholesalers strive to balance costs and profits while also meeting customers' demands effectively, they need all available tools at their disposal - including new freight transportation strategies like chartering!

Let us give you a few hints to get the most out of your supply chain management regime:

Find a trusted shipping partner

This means finding a third-party logistics partner who can independently facilitate freight transportation giving you access to details such as freight delivery, shipment tracking, etc., who can also manage cargo insurance, demurrage, and be a customs broker too.

Seek a tailored international logistics solution

The modern retail landscape is constantly evolving. What may be in demand tomorrow could easily become a thing of the past by next week, which means it’s time for you to keep up with trends and changes if your business wants success! Supply chain solutions from UWL will help make sure all aspects - inventory management through transportation cost savings or visibility into delivery schedules- are managed efficiently.

One such tailored solution we’ve developed for retailers and wholesalers is our exclusive Sun Chief Express Service. Retailers sourcing from Southeast Asian origins including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand can take advantage of our Sun Chief ocean transportation service to the Pacific Northwest. Ship from Vietnam to Seattle in as little as 16 days. Space and equipment guaranteed. Shippers on this service get the speed, guarantees, and predictability they need to build dependability into their supply chains and keep their business running smoothly.

Track, manage, and analyze freight spend

Modern retailers need to understand where their shipments are throughout the supply chain as well as effectively allocate transportation spend and optimize their logistics activities to save money and improve efficiency. Gain complete supply chain visibility with WorldScope. Track shipments, manage documents and invoices, analyze and report on your shipping activity across all lanes - in one place. WorldScope is a supply chain visibility platform that aggregates and normalizes data from multiple carriers into one cohesive, easy-to-use system.

Work with UWL

While there are many ways regarding the import and export of your sea freight, working with a third-party logistics company is the best way. They will handle all aspects of shipping, including cargo insurance, customs brokerage, sea, air, road, and rail transportation, and supply chain visiblity -  which means you can focus more on what matters most - selling and growing your business!

As an entrepreneur, who wants their business running smoothly without any hiccups or issues arising along the way? We recommend using UWL’s service because not only does it save time, it makes your supply chain run smoother.

With a 3PL that provides international shipping and freight forwarding, you can transport your goods strategically and securely. Freight transportation is our expertise and we know all about sea cargo shipping.

UWL can be the ideal 3PL partner for you! Get in touch with our team today for more information.

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*Note: UWL does not handle shipments of personal effects for private individuals.